In 2004, our company has become a member of the European Business Club in the Russian Federation. More ...

In 2004, the International Exhibition Agency (IFA) has become a member of the European Business Club ( European Business Club - EBC ). IFA has become one of the first Russian companies involved in exhibition activity, part of the EBC. European Business Club is a major Euro-Russian Forum in Moscow to exchange experience and information on all aspects of business life in Russia.

European Business Club was established in 1995 at the initiative of a number of accredited in Moscow, European companies, the ambassadors of the countries - members of the European Union, as well as the Heads of Delegation of the European Commission in Russia. European Business Club is designed to express and defend the interests of European business in Russia. The club brings together companies from all fifteen countries - EU members. To date, members of the Club are 420 European companies. In the framework of the European Business Club operates several committees that coordinate the activities of the Club in particular areas. Currently, there are the following committees: the airlines, manufacturers of alcoholic products, car manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, banking, law, energy, labor, regional cooperation, security, small and medium-sized enterprises, standards and certification, taxation, transport and customs, to real estate, consumer goods, tourism, e-commerce, as well as cultural and special events.

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