Exhibition Automotive. Service equipment and technologies included in the list of official events of the Moscow government.

Dear participants and visitors of the exhibition AUTOTEC!

Decree of the Government of Moscow dated 17.08.2004 № 572-PP "On further development and improving the quality of service vehicles and Self-engineering in the city of Moscow "exhibition AUTOTEC included in the schedule official activities of the Moscow Government.

In this regard, in the AUTOTEC 2005 will be taking stock and rewarding the winners «The best car in Moscow» , conducted under the auspices of the Department of Transport and Communications, Moscow.

The program of the exhibition includes a range of traditionally scientific and practical conferences and seminars conducted with the active assistance NAPAK, NAPTO, Association of Automobile Engineers (AAI), MADI (STU), as well as leading companies in its industry.

More information about the exhibition and special events held throughout time of the exhibition, you can find on the website

P uvazhneniem,

Department AUTOTEC

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