Attention! Special Project 4 ROOM SHOW in the exhibition "Interiors, decorating, decor and design of 2005" and "Bath and Kitchen 2005!


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Year after year, the organizers argue the relevance, usefulness and success of the project, including the program exhibits a unique event, giving the maximum increase in output, increasing interest among the audience of designers, planners and architects. By 2005 a completely new project, allowing exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition to see the quality materials and interior in a totally new format. Now the exhibition «Interior, decoration, decoration and design» and «Bath and Kitchen» and still work for the hotel - the restaurant sector, as part of an overall opening of the exhibition project «4 ROOM SHOW» .

There will be

«work», and any material object, harmoniously combined into a single design idea ready room. In the framework of specialized international exhibitions «Interior, decorating, decor and design 2005» and «Bath and Kitchen 2005» only from 12 to 15 September opens 4 ROOM SHOW , available to a wide range of specialists.


As part of the international specialized exhibitions «Interior, decorating, decor and design 2005» and «Bath and Kitchen 2005» only from 12 to 15 September to open a series of gold finished interiors «4 room show» , the exceptional range of specialists available.

Traditional autumn exhibition «Bath and Kitchen» and «Interior, decoration, decoration and design» , proved to be the most effective interventions in the industry, this year offer its participants a new format for the presentation of their products to the visitors' audience.

It is clear that professionally designed interior has a real impact on the audience the best professionals and, consequently, much more for sale. Seeing the finished product in the premises, the potential customer more clearly understands the use of materials.

Particularly expressive, this trend is in the audience with a professional who understands the nuances of the use of materials in the form of finished living space.

This is the format - the creation of finished interior space - and will be implemented directly on the exhibition site, during the exhibition «Bath and Kitchen» and «Interior, decoration, decoration and design» .

What can emphasize the beauty and unique characteristics of your materials better than the «living» building, submitted by your potential customers?


separately allocated stand, the project of professional designers, members of the Guild of Architects and interior designers, will be built interior rooms including the bathroom. That is the direction of the hotel project has been chosen as the basis, as the most popular and relevant today, both in Moscow and in regions of Russia. The growing economy and infrastructure in Russia requires a modern and comfortable hotels, where there is a lack of very severe. Even the Moscow authorities have developed a special program for the hotel sector - a plan of reconstruction and renewal of fixed assets for 2, 3, and 4-star hotels.

It is

investors now heavily in the hotel sector, as well as the existing market participants in a hotel located in the very beginning of his recovery, this exhibition focuses draft. Accommodation facilities, created by professional designers, taking into account all the accommodation standards - the main idea of moving your materials.

The project will be seminars designers designers who talk in detail about the features of the application and combination of materials used.


At exhibitions planned 4-hotel facilities of different levels (2, 3, 4 stars). You can submit one or more of your products for the design of one or more established interiors. It's enough to turn to the Organizer and your application to participate in this special project. Of course, for participants of exhibitions «Bath and Kitchen» and «Interior, decoration, decoration and design» there are special preferential terms.

This project will enable your company to the highest level to undertake PR-company in the hospitality sector, to make your brand recognition in this market segment and, in consequence, will make future co-operation with hotels of different categories.

Detailed description of each project, indicating the materials used and their suppliers will be placed next to each ready interior, as well as on the web.

For participation and further information please contact the exhibition organizers .


For this innovative project, in addition to the standard campaign exhibitions «Bath and Kitchen» and «interior, decoration, decoration and design», the organizers have developed a special campaign to attract additional experts of hotel business:

  • High rating editions hotel sector: «Standard 5 stars», «Hotel & Restaurant: Business and Management», «Hotel & Restaurant: Design and Interiors» «Hotel Magazine»
  • List of materials with information about the project Subscribed specialized publications hospitality sector
  • Updating the database on the maximum number of addresses in the hotel sector and the effect on the distribution of information materials and complimentary tickets
  • Advertising Project at the largest online resource of hotel sector
  • Distribution of promotional materials for major exhibitions devoted to the hospitality industry
  • Publications in more than 40 leading journals covering maximum audience of professional construction market Personal
  • VIP-invitation to the Russian state structures
  • Detailed photo reports highlighting the activities of participants in these journals since the project


Your materials will be: employees of operational services of hotels, sanatoria, rest houses a new format. Specialists and professionals of this area is needed to monitor trends to ensure the comfort and convenience of modern hotel rooms.

In the event interested not only in Moscow designers, architects, wholesale and retail company, the repair and construction companies, and regional experts involved in creating and shaping the interior and public accommodations, which each year are visitors to the exhibition.


Exhibition «Interiors, decorating, decor and design of 2005» and «Bath and Kitchen 2005» waiting for all who care about the ideas of design and decoration, and all those who need to resolve the issue of restoration of interiors of hotels and restaurants, updating of knowledge in the field of innovation, touch of a culture of creating an interior with the use of sometimes polar materials, all who are tired of the endless string of stereotypes exhibitions yesterday.

Discover the new format of the exhibition space!

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