International Specialized Exhibition «KreditEKSPO.Biznes 2005»

1-3 November, «Expocenter» Krasnaya Presnya

Exhibition «KreditEKSPO.Biznes 2005» - the first exhibition event in Russia, which will be presented to a full range of financial services for small and medium-sized businesses.

The most widely

exhibition will introduce banking products and insurance services, created with the particularities and requirements of business enterprises, organizations and companies belonging to a variety of industries.

Strong small and medium businesses are generally recognized - the pledge of economic well-being of the country and the most important factor affecting economic growth and rising wealth. In developed countries, this sector accounted for the bulk of tax payments to the budget and a large proportion of gross domestic product.

The aim of the project «KreditEKSPO.Biznes 2005» is the development of the credit market for small and medium-sized enterprises, the achievement of strategic objectives, the increase in GDP and the introduction of new financial mechanisms in the national economy of Russia.

Objectives of the Organization of exhibition «KreditEKSPO.Biznes 2005» is the practical involvement of small and medium-sized businesses to actively participate in the credit and financial market of Russia. Experts estimate that in countries with developed economies like the business provides to the 50-60% annual growth in GDP, while in Russia this figure does not exceed 3-4%.

DRAFT will be supported by: the Ministry of Finance, the ARB, the CCI of the Russian Federation, MIBA and BCC.

The exhibition includes the following topical areas of:

  • Crediting small and medium businesses
  • Insurance of small and medium businesses
  • Mutual funds
  • Investment services
  • Venture funds
  • Leasing
  • Consulting

Among the exhibitors:

International Moscow Bank, Bank of Moscow, RAYFFAZENBANK, STANDARD-RESERVE, Loko-Bank, Stroyprombank, slave bank, Impexbank, Moscow Insurance Company, KMB Bank, Rosbank, TehnoLizing, Business Car Leasing, Business Car Leasing, Bank Vitas, Moscow Credit Bank, Marsh insurance broker, insurance broker SADKO, Zenith Bank and many others.

The exhibition will be held scientific-practical conference «Consumer lending in Russia» (October 31 - November 1, 2005). The event is aimed at professionals and consumer lending market has a mission to promote the development of civilized market lending and consolidation.
The conference was attended by top people managers, fund managers, managers and investment specialists investment banks, insurance companies, investors, law firms, large financial-industrial and industrial holdings.

Purchase tickets and get additional information on the exhibition site, you can
For accreditation to the exhibition, please contact Tel. (095) 411 52 02
or by e-mail .

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