пубп «Ingosstrakh» insurance partner had the 2nd Moscow International Exhibition «Salon yachts and boats 2005».

Under the contract «Ingosstrakh» insured civil responsibility of the International Exhibition Agency IFA - Organizer activities for the whole duration of the exhibition. Insurance is held to the case injury to life, health or property of visitors and participants of the Salon. The total limit of liability under the contract amounts to U.S. $ 3000000 United States.
Limit liability to make reparation for injury caused to one the victim, is set at 300,000 dollars. During all four days at the exhibition will stand «Ingosstrakh». As noted by Larissa Ponomaryov, a leading specialist of marketing communications company «Ingosstrakh», «the support of this project is interesting for us primarily because «Salon of yachts and boats 2005» will gather on one platform manufacturers and sellers motor and sailing yachts, boats and yacht-clubs in Russia. For us, it an excellent opportunity to present to visitors and participants in the integrated marine insurance risks, to communicate with customers and establish new business contacts ».
« Ingosstrakh »actively engaged in the insurance of low - ships - boats, yachts, etc. to 2003, According to Sergey Trubitsyn, Deputy Chief of the insurance of vessels and the liability of shipowners «Ingosstrakh», «Today this market is of great interest to insurers, because of its potential capacity of millions of dollars. Annual sales of new yachts and boats up to thousands of units, and the dynamics of grows exponentially. In this regard, the increased demand for full product of this type of insurance. «Ingosstrakh» was among the first companies to offer our customers insurance small vessels, which was tailored to the specifics of their operation and storage. According to the policy covered virtually the entire range of classical risk insurance (total loss, damage, theft of, any other wrongful acts of third parties, etc.) and responsibility (for collision with any object, for damage to life and health third parties for environmental pollution, etc.).. At the request of the client in cover can be additional risks, for example, transportation of yachts any type of transport. Insurance accepted small vessels, belonging to both private and legal entities that are used, mainly for private recreation ».
International Exhibition Agency IFA - it is a dynamic growing company, the main focus of which is organization of international exhibitions and conferences in a variety of case directions.


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