From 29 September to 2 October 2005 in the IEC "Crocus Expo" was successfully held Second Moscow International Exhibition "Salon of yachts and boats - MARINE SALON 2005"

From 29 September to 2 October 2005 in the IEC "Crocus Expo" was successfully held Second Moscow International Exhibition "Salon of yachts and boats - MARINE SALON 2005.
Exhibition was held with the support of the Russian Federation, sailing, International Association of Dealers of yachts and speedboats, the Russian Yachting Association.

At the opening ceremony by plenipotentiary representative of the Russian Government in the State Duma Andrey Loginov, the President of the International Association of Dealers of yachts and boats (beacons) Andriyanov Andrew, the First Deputy Head of the insurance of ships and shipowners' liability OSAO Ingosstrakh Sergei Trubitsyn, executive director of the Moscow Yacht Festival, Nikita Gorchakov and the IFA exhibition company President Sergey Levyt. ».

After the opening ceremony was held press conference to discuss such topical issues as the direction and development trends yachting industry, the rise of the sailing sport in Russia, development of infrastructure yacht clubs. Also at the press conference were announced goals and objectives of the Moscow International Exhibition «Salon yachts and boats 2005», its status in the world rank of yachting exhibitions and prospects for development.

This year the organizers of «Salon yachts and boats 2005» noted a sharp increase in the number of exhibitors and visitors. The area of the exhibition has increased compared to last year more than tripled and the number of visitors has exceeded ten thousand. More than half of the exhibitors have already confirmed their participation in the exhibition «Salon yachts and boats 2006», indicating that the active development of yachting industry and yachting in Russia and the need for such events.

A feature of the exhibition is the exhibition of water in the waters of Yacht Club SHORE HOUSE, with more than 25 models of different types of boats and yachts of Russian and foreign shipbuilders. All models can be tried in the company held on the test drive. This has helped potential buyers to make the right choice. Indeed, as correctly observed by representatives of the company «These ships», «the choice of yachts has much in common with the choice of home birth as a slot. Here, except for dry numbers and parameters of seaworthiness, need more love at first sight ...»< BR>
The exhibition brought together the brightest representatives of yachting - in lifestyle that can give not only great but also a special look at the world. Shipbuilders, the exclusive and official distributor of yachts, boats, accessories, accessories, sales of hardware - the propellers, engines, navigation equipment, refueling and floating piers. Special literature and case sites have become partners of the exhibition and presented their information services. Also among the participants were well-known yacht clubs and yacht schools. Insurance partner of «Salon of yachts and boats 2005» made «INGOSTRAH». The official partner of the test-drive was the yacht club SHORE HOUSE.

Exhibition «Salon yachts and boats» has already managed to take a clear niche in the yachting industry and has become a traditional place where you can not just order a new boat, pick up a modern marine equipment , see the latest collections of clothing yacht, book a yacht for the season in an exotic country and enroll in courses of yachting skills, but also to meet friends, share their impressions of the past season, the yacht and set plans for next season. Organizers have created a favorable environment for productive dialogue exhibitors and visitors, promote cooperation and establish new contacts. This says a considerable number of treaties and reviews about the exhibition as an event to the highest standards.

The following year, The Third Moscow International Exhibition «Salon yachts and boats 2006» will take place in the VC «Crocus-Expo», from 28 September to 01 October 2006.

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