In 2004 International Fairs Agency (the IFA) has become a member of the European Business Club (the EBC). Read more...

In 2004 International Fairs Agency (the IFA) has become a member of the European Business Club (the EBC). The IFA is one of the first Russian exhibition companies which became the EBC member. The European Business Club is the basic Euro-Russian forum in Moscow for an exchange of experience and information on all aspects of a business life of Russia.

The EBC was established in 1995 on the initiative of several European companies registered in Moscow, the Ambassadors of the European Union, and the Head of Representation of the European Commission in the Russian Federation.

The objective of the EBC is to effectively improve the trade and European business in Russia. The EBC unites all the 15 members of European Union. For today members of club are 420 European companies. Various EBC committees organized to coordinate EBC activity in concrete areas.

The EBC currently has 21 sectoral and horizontal Committees and working groups:
• Sectoral Committees include Agribusiness, Airlines, Alcoholic Beverages, Automobile Manufacturers, Automotive Components, Banking, Energy, Health & Pharmaceuticals, IT & E-Commerce, Real Estate & Development, Security, and Tourism.
• Horizontal Committees include Engineering & Equipment Manufacturing, Human Resources, Legal, Small & Medium Enterprise, Taxation, and Transport & Customs.
• Working Groups on Corporate Governance, Dispute Resolution, Insurance & Pensions, and Russia’s Accession to WTO were created by the EBC in response to “hot topics”. Due to its extensive activities, in early 2003, the Insurance & Pensions WG sought Board approval and became a Committee. A Property Finance Working Group was founded in the summer of 2003

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