For the first time in Russia! Real TV "keep up with 15 minutes" at the "Salon of cars - 4 WD Salon" 18-21 May 2006 in Crocus Expo Exhibition Center.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

You are invited to witness the exciting auto show

«steal in 15 minutes»

Property. A very important concept for all of us. This term describes the well-being, prosperity, self-confidence. It is essential that the property has always remained under guard. Where would you nebyli than would have been involved in this moment, a sense of confidence in the safety of their property provides an opportunity to focus on specific cases or recreation.

A thief initially more likely: they see us, we will not. They know, or guess, which is protected by a door, a locking system that is to crack the password to the database, how to steal a purse from the bag or purse from the coat.

May 20, 2006 in Crocus Expo Exhibition Center in front of the dazed audience, selected on a competitive basis, tough team that will try to steal presentable foreign cars! Trepidation: Prof. merciless to the car, they do not have the concepts of «interior», «ОБЧПТПФЩ», they have one problem - steal! And they will stop at nothing to prove that they are the best, and get cool prizes in the event of success! Under the commentary's leading-showman, the noise of the crowd viewing and evaluation by a jury composed of famous Russian automotive experts, public figures, businessmen, the hijackers would break alarm systems, using for this purpose modern electronics! Can they do this?

Specialists AUTOSECURITY companies argue that their car with the alarm system by simply neugonyaemy!

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