International Exhibition Agency in conjunction with the IFA 4x4 Club invites you to attend the third International Exhibition «Salon CAR - 4WD SALON». The exhibition will be held from 18 to 21maya 2006 in Moscow at the Exhibition Center «Crocus Expo». As part of the exhibition - an ambitious test-drive!

first automotive exhibition of the year!

From 18 to 21maya 2006 in Moscow at the Exhibition Center «Crocus Expo» will be held the 3rd International Automobile Exhibition

«Salon CAR - 4WD SALON» < BR>
organizers of the exhibition International Exhibition Agency IFA. Co - CLUB 4x4.

«4WD SALON» - the only specialized automobile exhibition in Russia, which brings together the world's leading manufacturers of SUVs and the vehicles, their dealers, suppliers and sellers of accessories and equipment.

Top model SUVs and vehicles in the first year the car show!

Only at the «Salon CAR»!

Ambitious Test - drives all the models on the road track!
Best score merit-wheel-drive vehicles possible with his demonstration on the move! During the exhibition visitors will have the opportunity of testing presented in the exhibition cooked-road vehicles on the road.

May 20, 2006 for the first time in Russia within the framework of exhibition «Salon Car» will be held unprecedented vivid reality shows
«steal in 15 minutes»!
in front of the amazed audience, selected on the rigid competitive team that will try to steal presentable foreign cars!
And do everything possible to crack the most modern security systems installed by professionals. One of the cars will be equipped with the system BIOCODE-AUTO, defining the owner's fingerprint. This is the last word in the anti complexes. The manufacturer claims that BIOCODE-AUTO hijackers not on the teeth.
Trepidation: Prof. merciless to the car, they do not have the concepts of «interior», «ОБЧПТПФЩ», they have one problem - steal! And they will stop at nothing to prove that they are the best, and get cool prizes in the event of success! Under
comments known lead-showman, the noise of the crowd viewing and evaluation by a jury consisting of well-known Russian public figures, businessmen and stars of show business, the hijackers would break alarm systems, using for this purpose modern electronics! Can they do this?

And also, for the «Salon avtmobiley» of the guests and visitors a unique opportunity to participate in the annual premium professional automotive journalists «cross year» and win memorable prizes.
< BR> Hours:
18 May 2006 10.00-18.00
19 May 2006 10.00-18.00
20 May 2006 10.00-18.00
21 May 2006 10.00-18.00

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