Presentation of the new project!

31 May 2006 in the first pavilion of the IEC «Crocus Expo» held Presentation «Automechanical International Salon - 2007».

International Automotive Salon-2007
14-17 February 2007 Year

«International Automotive Salon-2007» - the result of joint efforts leading exhibition operator in Russia of exhibitions in the automotive sector topics. International Exhibition Agency «IFA LLC», International Exhibition Center «Crocus Expo», OAO «Avtoselhozmash Holding» represent attention of specialists and visitors a unique project, bringing together three separate exhibitions held earlier at the three different exhibition sites. Salon
scheme is simple - each of the co-offers own exhibit, representing some aspect of production for and re-equipping the car production. The main objective of the project -- provide the most complete picture of the situation in the Russian sphere of maintenance of vehicles, without duplication and fragmentation of the thematic expositions.
Distinctive feature of «International Automechanical Salon »a narrow specialization, and the format of« only for professionals ».

INTERAVTOMEHANIKA (Organizer: IEC «Crocus Expo »):

project aims at providing the conditions for integration automotive industry in Russia in the global automotive industry by establishing direct links between domestic and foreign producers and customers throughout the life cycle of the car, starting with the design and design, design, component production base, assembly, operation, maintenance and ending with disposal.
A single exhibition space will showcase high-level automotive components and the latest technology for their production, modern scientific and technical developments with regard to safety, the environment, reliability, competitiveness and investment attractiveness of following subject areas: automotive components, automotive electronics, tires, rubber products and plastics, new and promising materials, and body shops; avtomasla, lubricants and special liquids; tools; tuning parts and accessories, car security system; workshop and service equipment and tools; autochemistry; information services.

AVTOTEK (Organizer: International Exhibition Agency «IFA LLC »)

the leading venue countries will be presented full range of products for the market avtotehobsluzhivaniya: Automobile Spare Parts and components, equipment, tools and materials for the car, Car, car washes, garages, parking lots and gas stations; autochemistry and oil systems protection, tuning and more.
Exhibition has established itself as a high-quality professional development. According to statistics, 94% AUTOTEC 2006 visitors were professionals. This is a working draft, view of the professionals most closely matches the needs of modern Market avtotehobsluzhivaniya. Participants
past exhibitions appreciated benefits of the project, allowing the exponents in a calm working atmosphere communicate with partners and customers, which significantly increases the effect of participation.
Since 2005 AUTOTEC is an official event of the Government Moscow.

ATiM (organizer: «ASM-Holding»)

Previous projects «ATiM» took place in the automobile exhibitions «Motor» and «Motor Show». Inclusion of the exhibition «ATiM» structure «Automotive Salon», of course, increases the relevance of activities and extends its capabilities as the focus of exhibitions «ATiM» includes automotive technology and materials, car components, spare parts and accessories, gas stations, automotive fuels, oils, lubricant, coolant, equipment and tools for post - Services, manufacturing technology of tires, wheels, rubber products, batteries, chargers, as well as technological solutions to forging, heat treatment, welding, painting, composite materials, plastics, construction, leather and glass.
The exhibition was originally intended for the automotive industry, ie for those for whom, in fact, preparing Salon. Subjects Salon does not include the actual cars, as such. The display represent products offered to equip and re-car production, improving technology for enterprises, the use of construction vehicles progressive auto components, materials and improve the scope of after-sales service car. «Automotive Salon» creates unique opportunities for integrated demonstration of the domestic market of products, services, technology, equipment, tools, materials for for the parameters of quality and technical level at all stages the life cycle of the car - from design to disposal.
Business part of the predetermine Salon and Program accompanying events. It will be very full and updated programs that affect both the main problems of the state and development of the domestic automobile production and other areas affecting the interests of participants automobile market.

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