International Exhibition Agency IFA announced the launch of a new section! The International Building Exhibition has started a new section «Tehnosvet» ( «lighTech»)

Today, the theme of light and technical svetodizayna extremely topical.
exhibition will take place exclusively in the business format - «only for professionals», propose a reasonable pricing policy with a high quality event and ensures maximum efficiency of participation.

Dates enable trade visitors to familiarize with the latest developments of this industry in anticipation of the construction season and apply them in the design of new industrial and civil buildings, followed by construction.

exhibition will be visited by leading architects, svetodizaynery, designers, engineers, designers, representatives of DSC, SMU, utilities, investment and development companies, major of Moscow and regional wholesale companies.


- Technical internal and external lighting
- Lighting system
- Accessories
- Electric lamps
- Electrical and electronic components and accessories for the lighting systems
- Intelligent light
- Cables and wiring
- Electrical systems and security systems
- Sockets
- Lamps, spots
- Pre-setting devices (PRA), dimmers
- Stabilizers
- Rheostats
- LEDs

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