International Association of Dealers of yachts and speedboats expresses its support for the 3rd Moscow International Exhibition «SALON yachts and boats 2006», conducted by the International Exhibition Agency, IFA, in the exhibition complex «CROCUS EXPO».

International Exhibition Agency IFA presents to your attention the 3rd Moscow International Exhibition «SALON yachts and boats 2006» and invites manufacturers, dealers and representatives of companies interested in promoting their goods in the territory of Russia.

Exhibition «SALON yachts and boats» will take place from 28 September to 1 October 2006, the new exhibition complex «CROCUS EXPO». The exhibition will bring together on one platform manufacturers and distributors of motor and sailing yachts, motor boats, and yacht clubs in Russia.
Members - an excellent opportunity to show samples of their products, give full information about it and make orders for the coming season.
Visitors - an ideal opportunity to not go outside of Moscow, to get acquainted with the diversity of the world of boats and yachts, make an individual order and for the season to get his yacht or boat.
Also at the exhibition «SALON boat», visitors can obtain detailed information about the construction of ships of various classes, both in Russia and abroad. Topic Salon: boats, yachts, engines for yachts, engineering and construction equipment, accessories, navigation equipment, service and transport, yacht clubs.

Features saloon: Water exhibit in the waters Yacht Club SHORE HOUSE. All models presented at the exhibition, you can try on in the companies of the test drive. This is an additional incentive for potential buyers when selecting a boat or yacht.

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