International Exhibition Agency IFA is pleased to announce that the International Building Exhibition of 2006 the official exhibition Gosstroy Russia and takes place within the framework of the priority national project «Affordable and Comfortable Housing - Citizens of Russia».

International Building Exhibition of 2006 was the first exhibition organized jointly with Gosstroy under a work plan for the 2006-2007 year to organize the exhibition and the scientific and practical activities based on the IEC «Crocus Expo» in the implementation of the project. According to the head of the Federal Agency for Construction and Housing Utilities of the Russian Federation, Mr. Kruglik S., «Exhibition Agency IFA LLC each year shows the growing quality of its activities and has deservedly become a partner Gosstroy in the development of information exchange between members of the Russian market for construction services. Salon Program is designed to facilitate the early implementation of priority national projects of Russian Federation ».

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