SMALL BUSINESS - NEW DIRECTIONS FOR THE BANKS! Interview of the Director-General of the International Exhibition Agency IFA Levitte SM for information portal


In October 2006, will be 2nd International financial exhibition CREDIT EXPO. BUSINESS 2006 on crediting small and medium-sized businesses. Organizers International Exhibition Agency serves IFA.

We turned to IFA president SM Levitte with several questions on a topical theme.

- Sergei M. Looking back at the first exhibition CREDITEXPO that you can say about the development trends of Russian banks and small businesses?

I think that in 2005, as a whole, was turning point in the relationship: the parties pertaining to this to each other with a great deal of skepticism, began to realize that they can and should be mutually beneficial cooperate and develop. In my opinion, there are several reasons for this «Warming» relationship. There are reasons behind the economic plane, the other, no less important - in the psychological. In 2005 as a whole for the Russian economy was a year of significant growth, rising stock market, profits and bank income. Banks that have begun to feel the lack of financial tools and areas of investment and saw «their» potential customers especially in the population (consumer loans, mortgages) and Representatives of small businesses. Small businesses, in turn, became aware that Building long-term relationship with a credit institution must be a of the priorities of its development, because it is clear that to develop, to reach the other a more qualitative level, but at the expense of equity capital is not possible, need long-term, if you want a partnership business with the bank.

- What support from the state can expect a small business?

not interfere - it is fundamental that the State would for small business. Do not disturb unclear, with the dual interpretation of the law, zabyurokratizirovannymi procedures willfulness of the tax authorities. Fairness of judicial and supervisory bodies, as well as economic and political predictability - this is basic, which would count. A then a more fine-tune the system: the inclusion of a number of national projects targeted support for projects and enterprises of the state, etc. On the other hand, it is noted that there should be a counter-movement of the small business - the desire and understanding that you need to work successfully and tax legislation. If you go to the practical assistance, invaluable support from the State, in this case by the Central Bank, it would be a provision under which the banks themselves, at its sole discretion determined to Reserve issued a rule to the courts, at the forefront of economic efficiency credit, rather than requiring the supervisory authority. It is not a secret that, referring to the bank as a source of funding, even with an excellent project, a small business is not easy to get a loan with no collateral or guarantee. This is due to not only the desire of banks to protect themselves, but the requirement of the Central Bank to establish reserves for bad loans, according to which on unsecured loan need to build up reserves to a maximum rate that is ultimately affects the rate of lending.

- Do you offer an entrepreneur take advantage of the resources of KreditEKSPO.Biznes 2006. How will this can be done?

most primitive - to come and take the credit. We see a modest but important role in providing the platform for networking mutually beneficial cooperation to the bank and the client is able to find each other, that entrepreneurs are able to choose according to their needs and opportunities creditor bank, financial product, etc. Imagine that you - an entrepreneur and you need a loan, and you're looking for how and where to take it. To do this, you need to bypass a large number of offices, talk with many different managers, to get some preliminary information. All this will take a lot of time. With that in entrepreneur is likely that there is no time, he urgently needs a loan. Thus, having got to the exhibition «KreditEkspo.Biznes», where dozens of the largest Banks have come in order to distribute the credits, you, as a small businessman, for few hours to decide to which otherwise would take several months. In addition, we can not and «factor market», when the venue close to the bank are its competitors - the other banks.

- As part of the Exhibition will be held 2nd International Conference «Credit Rossiya.Biznes ». What's new sound in the conference program?

We plan, the Conference heard a statement by the Ministry of Economic development program, which they created to support the small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, we agreed with the Department of Small and Medium Business in Moscow that the Moscow program to support small and medium-sized businesses will also be presented. These are two software items, which We aim to create a discussion and what is tactics the small entrepreneur in this situation. But, as a continuation of this activities within the framework of the conference «Credit Rossiya.Biznes» We plan to direct dialogue between the legislators and by entrepreneurs, which we will invited to the conference, to ensure that they received in the hall of the microphone can not indirectly through the media to get what is printed information, and the eye in the eye to ask the man who was the projector of a law or an amendment to the law, it is vital question of how, when and where he can get any support. Moreover, we expect that such contacts are able to bring small businesses and enterprises to a specific people who are in a position that they support provide. If at the people already receiving specific assistance, the the conference a person can first ask what the questions interesting chapter his bank or the head of a department of the Ministry, and after This, after a few floors down, go directly to the stand the bank and get a loan. Here, in this bundle, we see great interest, especially as analogs such activities do not exist.


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