«International Automotive Salon»: a new trend in the exhibition business? Interview of the Director-General of the International Exhibition Agency IFA Sergei Maximovich Levitte to the magazine "New Izvestia. World Exhibition"

Joint project of the competition

«International Automotive Salon»: a new trend in the exhibition business?

At the dawn of summer, May 31, the leaders three companies-organizers Alexander Bortsov (International Exhibition Center «Crocus Expo»), Sergei Leviticus (International Exhibition Agency IFA LLC) and Alexander Kovrigin (JSC «Avtoselhozmash Holding») announced their intention to carry out in February next year is new for the Russian exhibition business event with a working (at least for the moment) name. «International Automotive Salon-2007». The project will combine three separate exhibitions - is «Avtotek» (the organizer of IFA LLC), «ATiM» (organizer «ASM-Holding») and «Interavtomehanika» (new draft IEC «Crocus Expo»).

As stated by the organizers , the main purpose of the cabin - to provide all «conversation»: from designing the object of production (the car itself or its components) prior to its disposal. And in a way to unite the industry, which today are in fact divided: the production and maintenance of vehicles. In addition, «International Automotive Salon-2007» will also identify most of the problems existing in the Russian market of components, and help attract investment in this area. According to figures announced by the head of «ACM-Holding» Alexander Kovrigin is very important, because a modern passenger car consists of 8 thousand details of cargo - from 5-6 thousand True, the organizers recognized that the intersection of exhibits can not be avoided. But this fact, they believe, will be positive for participants who are able to choose a competitive operator. Such unanimity of the former rivals a year ago, in the midst of competition exhibition automotive subjects, it seemed impossible. Therefore, «World exhibitions» asked to comment on the situation of the President of the International Exhibition Agency (IFA) S. Levitte.

- Sergei M., who had an idea of the combined project «International Automechanical Salon»?

- I would say so, that this idea at the same time, visited a number of major exhibition organizers, and precisely because she came to a head is not a single person - it has been a rapid development in the form of logic is simply a natural association three operators. This is the International Exhibition Agency (IFA), the company «Crocus Expo» and «AFS-holding». There are a number of companies who do not mind would take part in this project, and the thought of their visit as well, independently of one another, like us, but because of different kinds of circumstances, they are not involved in the creation of such projects.
< BR> - whether you took a sample of some current event in the world?

- You can bring a lot of examples of fair conditions to induce the operators to cooperate. The closest example to us - perhaps Exhibition «Auto + Automechanika» in Saint Petersburg, which the company «Messe Frankfurt» together with «Lenexpo» now 10 years old spend together. And I know a large number of such examples - it is not something unique, this is - quite normal for a healthy market. Another point is that in our country, these facts are unique, and in Moscow - even a single copy. Therefore, we believe it is partly their victory.

- You have finally decided on the name? By the way, the vice president and brand manager «Messe Frankfurt» Stefan Kurtsavski, presented in Moscow fair Automechanika-2006, said that nothing had opposite the name «Interavtomehanika», because it sounds similar, but not plagiarism. As he put it, «has nothing has to» ...

- Let me slightly amended: our joint project is called the «International Automotive Salon», and the exhibition «Interavtomehanika», organized by directly «Crocus-Expo », is a part of it. In addition, «International Automotive Salon» also includes the exhibition «Avtotek (Avtokomplektuyuschie. Service Equipment and Technology)», carried out by our agency - IFA, and «ATiM», carried out by the «AFS-holding». Thus, the official name - «International Automotive Salon», up to date, are thematically divided into three events organized by three independent operators. We do not exclude that part of «International Automechanical Salon» over time may be and other operators with other brands. With respect to the company «Messe Frankfurt», then we would welcome its involvement with the brand «Cars» in the «International Automechanical salon», but until today this issue has not yet been solved.

- I it seems telling that recently Organizers «dispute» projects have learned to negotiate and to find mutually acceptable compromises. Do not you think so?

- I believe that the Russian exhibition business is developing according to the same laws as the entire Russian economy. Thus, all the processes that occur in macroeconomics country, occurring at the micro level. In other words, if you read the newspaper over the past half year, you'll see that happen in a consolidating explicit processes. And the exhibition business, to our satisfaction, is not behind these processes and, moreover, often sets the tone for them. So in that sense we are at the forefront, and the issue of consolidation of the industrial exhibition and the exhibition space with the help of technology to consider themselves primary.

- you could not identify what a trend, according to which recently developed the Russian exhibition community?

- I would say two critical. One of them - a process some cooperation between the exhibition organizers for the convenience and streamlining of certain segments of the exhibition business. This is a very positive process. But, in my view, in our exhibition space is not very evident and positive process: a division between foreign and Russian operators. The previous 10-15 years, a clear trend of cooperation - to open joint ventures, have been joint projects. And now the number of joint projects, if not falling, at least not increasing, and the general background of growth projects such division is contrary to the very notion «international exhibitions» and meaning of their conduct. Therefore, we have to work hard to not have been such situations. Indeed, dense interaction of Russian and foreign operators to strengthen and develop cooperation between the two, and Western companies, and this - the main function of the exhibition activities.

By " Recent News. World Exhibition"

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