The overall results of the "KreditEKSPO.Biznes 2006" From 10 to 12 October 2006 at the Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre", in Hall number 7 (Hall 1) was held on 4 th Moscow International Exhibition «KreditEKSPO.Biznes 2006».

The exhibition International Exhibition Agency «Ai ESP Hey» and the Association of Russian Banks.
Strategic partner in the project spoke VTB-24. The Forum was held with the support of the Russian Federation State Duma, the Department of Support and Development of Small Entrepreneurship in Moscow, MIBA, the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs, and the Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business.

Purpose of exhibition project is the development of the credit market for small and medium-sized enterprises, because small businesses today is seen as priority for economic development. The objective of full compliance with State program of assistance in lending to small and medium-sized businesses recently adopted by the Government of Russia. Exhibition «KreditEKSPO.Biznes 2006» presented a variety of credit and financial services to small businesses. 30 financial companies and banks from Russia, France and Germany have submitted their opportunities in the exhibition. Participants suggested that exposure entrepreneurs not only to acquaint yourself with the various loan products, but also Here, the stand, to get a decision on granting loans. Exposition of the three working days to collect on-site JSC «Expocenter» representatives of commercial banks, insurance and leasing companies, as well as media representatives.

At the opening ceremony success to the new promise of success stories wanted SM Leviticus, The Director-General of the International Exhibition Agency IFA; YI Kormosh, Executive Vice-President of the Association of Russian Banks, AE mayflies, IAPA President; ED Shabardina, director of the firm «EKSPOINEKS» Central Fairgrounds and other officials.

In its Speeches Yury Kormosh said: «We appreciate the initiative of this exhibition, and we believe that this exhibition - it is an indispensable tool for moving companies in the financial and credit market in Russia, as Russian financial institutions, as well as for Western companies. On behalf of the Association Russian banks hope that this exhibition will be an outstanding event in the life Moscow's business community, will establish long and mutually beneficial contact a wide range of consumer ».

CEO of IFA Sergei Levitte said: «We are trying to do a program of «KreditEKSPO.Biznes 2006 » saturated, it's a professional event, and it accounted for professionals who value their time. Three days of the exhibition allow sector to provide the most comprehensive crediting small and medium-sized businesses, insurance business, as well as provide exhibitors a unique the possibility of direct communication with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses come from all parts of the Russian Federation ».

This year's exhibition exhibition space of more than 700 sq.m. His exposure at the exhibition demonstrated: VTB-24, International Moscow Bank, BSGV, KMB-Bank, DaimlerChrysler Automotive RUS, Rosbank, Orgresbank, Union Bank, Ingosstrakh, Oil Alliance Bank, Insurance Company ROSNO, Vitas Bank, Russia Bank, Impexbank, Probusinessbank, Absolut Bank, the company «Scania Leasing», The "Gran Moto (Dukat), FB-Leasing, FORUS Bank, PKO Bank, SU« Gefest »and others.

Number of visitors: about 2 000 professionals from 40 cities Russia:
73% of visitors were potential bank borrowers;
27% visited the exhibition for the first time KreditEKSPO.Biznes 2006;
83% confirmed The exhibition that met their expectations;
62% plan to attend the April exhibit CREDITEXPO 2007.

Traditionally, during the exhibition company IFA held a ceremony awarding the participants of the exhibition on 3-m different categories.
Appreciated the organizers and visitors in nomination «BEST BOOTH» was awarded to the company Mercedes-Benz Center «Avilon», who provided the guests and participants of the forum is not only unusual formal exposition, but also a demonstration of the functioning and hospitality staff the booth.
Stand Mercedes-Benz was completely dedicated to the updated Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The proposed E 280 4MATIC fully meets the highest demands of comfort and security for a car businessmen. Experienced sales staff Center «Avilon» advice Visitors stand on all the innovative technologies that are embodied in updated Mercedes-Benz E-class In addition, visitors to the exhibition was seen personally in the virtues of Mercedes-Benz E-class on the road passing the test drive through the streets of Moscow.

also commended the organizers and visitors of the exhibition was awarded IMPEXBANK stand in the nomination «MOST ORIGINAL EXPOSURE »for the original design of the stand and made the most vivid demonstration of the ability of banks to small credit programs and medium-sized businesses. Since April 2006 IMPEXBANK is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen International Bank-Holding AG, which operates 16 subsidiaries banks and leasing companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Exhibitor ORGRESBANK won the nomination "Best Debut EXHIBITIONS. Orgresbank first time taking part in such events, but has already managed to attract attention. According to the organizers and visitors to the exhibition, the concept of participation provided by the bank, has become the most striking debut in the professional implementation of image problems in the exhibition. The program of the Bank consists of three main components that determine its convenience for customers - a broad range of different products, speed of adoption solutions (all 3 days) and an individual approach, with flexible terms. In Moscow Bank's program is already full. To date, there the first pilot projects in the first branches - it is in St. Petersburg, Samara, Saratov and Penza.

The exhibition was held on the 4th International Conference «Credit Rossiya.Biznes 2006 », oriented professionals monetary market. The conference is supported by the Association of Russian Banks (ARB).

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