International Exhibition Agency IFA represents V International Specialized Exhibition Autotec 2007, to be held љ within International Automotive SALONFINDER with 14 to 17 February 2007 in IEC «Crocus Expo»

From 14 to 17 February 2007 for the fifth time will be exhibition «AUTOTEC. Automotive. Service equipment and technologies », which is traditionally a full range of products for the market avtotehobsluzhivaniya: automobile parts and components, assemblies and units of car, tire, and drives, equipment, tools and materials for car, car, car washes, garages, parking and fuel, Car, and oil systems, security, tuning, etc.,


distinctive feature of the exhibition is to narrow specialization and the format of «only for professionals».
Experience of the past exhibitions confirms the correctness of the chosen concept.
AUTOTEC has already established itself as a high-quality professional development.
According to statistics, 94% of visitors AUTOTEC 2006 of specialists. It is a working event, according to experts, the most accurately corresponds to the needs of today's market avtotehobsluzhivaniya.
Participants appreciated the benefits of the project, allowing the exponents in a quiet atmosphere to talk with partners and customers, which significantly increases the effect of participation.


In 2007, the exhibition will be held at the IEC «Crocus Expo» in the International Automotive Salon, which includes several specialized exhibitions, which reflect more fully all aspects Themes of repair and maintenance of vehicles, as well as the automotive industry. Compared to last year, added to such sections as a garage and parking, gas range, is scheduled to greater exposure Automotive.

Association exhibitions is an important milestone, which was long exhibition industry. This fully corresponds to the needs of all participants in the exhibition process. Exhibitors and visitors are much preferable to spend time and money to participate in a business exhibition than a few highly specialized, but the disparate activities.
This exhibition AUTOTEC stores specialize in «okoloavtomobilnoy» theme and continue to target only the audience of experts in respective areas.

Full list of topics you can see here .


Among registered visitors past exhibitions: car specialists, repair shops, shinomontazhnyh centers, AZK, transport companies, representatives of major Russian and foreign producers, managers of large bulk companies, shops from all regions of Russia and CIS countries, representatives from automobile, as well as dealers and distributors who are interested in raising the level of sales, business development and expanding the dealer network.
Statistics visit the exhibition in 2006, you can see here .


From 2005 Exhibition AUTOTEC is an official event of the Moscow Government.
Support from capital guidance is due to the need of specialized events for professionals in the repair and maintenance of vehicles.
AUTOTEC is officially supported by the Association of European Businesses (AEB), Automobile Association of Russia (SAR ), the National Association of Manufacturers of automotive components (NAPAK), Association of Russian distributors and manufacturers Car equipment (ARDIS), the Moscow Association of technical service and repair of vehicles (MAPTO).

Active participation of professional associations and support metropolitan governance allows professionals to widely publicize the upcoming event and attract a large number of professional visitors from all over the country, as well as from abroad.

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