19 May 2007 at the exhibition "Salon Car 2007 was the 2 nd stage of the Championship of Russia in the jeep trial.

Organizer of this phase of the championship Russia - «Team LRA» together with the Moscow club 4x4 and Crocus Expo.

Championship in Russia on the jeep-trial involved the strongest racers in the country specially prepared cars. Athletes taking part in the second stage of the Championship of Russia in 2007 - are experienced racers, has participated in competitions at the highest level.

Winner of this tournament - the crew of Anton Filimonov, Alexey Lutsk (both from Moscow), second place Yuri Samodurov (Moscow) - Vladimir Kazakov (Tver), third-Vitali Gavinsky (Moscow).

First stage in the championship of Russia on the jeep-trial came to try the most experienced crews of the trophy-raids. And while fighting for the prizes they were impossible - all the cars produced there for the races on safari, not on concrete blocks, they have shown outstanding skill and composure. Organizers specifically identified a separate set for the crew, and they can feel a little excitement, fighting for the prizes among themselves. As a result of persistent struggle conquered crew Srgjan Zechevich - Aleksey Garanin (both from Moscow), representing the command Cyvas.

Spectators who had free access to the competitions, were satisfied - they will be pleased wandered to the park, park and photographing the unusual machine trialistov and trofistov and watched wrestling Jeep-trial - a real feast for all : participants, spectators and fans.

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