The world's first exhibition of the sandwich panels!

In autumn 2007, under the the International Building Exhibition a unique premiere - 1 st in the world exhibition of sandwich panels.

International Building Salon - one of the biggest construction exhibitions of Russia, on the law as the primary business-building forum in the fall, will take place in this year from 10 to 13 October in the IEC «Crocus-Expo». Each year it collects on its site the best representatives of the construction industry. According to statistics, the Salon of 2006 was visited by more than 18 000 specialists from Moscow and the regions. Subjects include the sections: Finishing, Decoration and Design, Building Technology and Engineering Systems, Lighting and Electrical, Building Materials.

Traditionally exhibition is supported RosStroya and provides a platform for information exchange among participants of Russian market of building services within the National Project «Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Citizens of Russia». In 2006, the International Building Exhibition is the first exhibition organized jointly with RosStroem under a work plan for the 2006-2007 year to organize the exhibition and the scientific and practical activities based on the IEC «Crocus Expo» in the framework of the National Project.

Against the backdrop of significant growth rates of both civil and industrial construction, and given the demand for the segment-fabricated metal structures, within International Building Exhibition - 2007 will take place 1 st in the world exhibition of the sandwich panels.

to participate in this project, invited more than 250 Russian and foreign companies, among them: ThyssenKrupp, Ventall/RUUKKI, ASTRON Buildings, MosPanel, TRIMO, KonstruktsionStal, TermoPanel, Metal Profiles, KEYSU Industrial, PetroPanel, FACHMANN, Armaks, Joris Ide Group, MAPOS Steel, TEZESHKA.RU etc.

workshop Exhibition will complement a number of specialized activities, such as: 2-nd Moscow seminar Companies ASTRON Buildings for specialists sandwich panels, builders and designers, 1 th opening of the Moscow seminar Dmitry Kropiwnicki, as well as a number of special events: a visit construction sites of the sandwich panels, including with the customer, the assembly companies and manufacturers, the demonstration of special equipment for the industry sandwich panels, master classes for installers of wall systems, presentation komlektuyuschih manufacturers and suppliers of equipment.

International Building Exhibition of 2007 consists of several specialized sections:
Interior World (International Exhibition «Interiors, DECOR, DECOR AND DESIGN»)
Bathroom & Kitchen (International Specialized Exhibition «BATHROOM and the kitchen »)
BTE (International Specialized Exhibition« Building Technologies and Engineering Systems »)
< A href = ""> Building & Construction Materials (International Exhibition «CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS»)
Electrics & Light (The International Exhibition of ELECTRIC LIGHT AND")

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