Interview with the Director General of the International Exhibition Agency IFA Levitte, Sergei M., on the basis of the "Salon of yachts and boats 2007"

1. Sergey Maksimovich just ceased Salon Exhibition of yachts and boats 2007. Are you satisfied with its results?

Marine Salon exhibition in 2007 was attended by 67 companies. Almost all the participants warmly, and, most importantly, we sincerely thank not only for the good organization, but also for significant sales, which they managed to do. As result, 90% of exhibitors signed contracts for next year already exhibition.

2. At the exhibition market has a lot of yacht Exhibitions by the different organizers. Is it?

First, the exhibition organizers yacht subject to the Today in Moscow as it was two, and left. Between us there is competition, but it is rather good than bad, because the exceptional quality and lowers prices.
Secondly, a huge number of different activities on the water and Clubs do their business and attract more participants to the yachting market that is also very useful.
another matter that the names of these events are often appears the word «Exhibition», that certainly does not reflect their content and disorients inexperienced.

3. What is the state in the yachting industry Russia today, and how do you evaluate it further development?

I am pleased to note that our analysis of visitors showed significant yield yacht audience beyond «Glamor» and becoming more civilized.

4. Does started Preparations for the next show? Can say that the wait for your fans Exhibitions in the next year?

can say only one thing: the fall in Moscow and water is only one real exhibition with real buyers and responsibility of the seller - MARINE SALON. It will be held from 18 to 21 Sept, 2008 Year in ICC «Crocus Expo». And we look forward to seeing you there!

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