International Exhibition Agency IFA presents to your attention VI International specialized exhibition "Car equipment and accessories. Materials and instruments."

From 27 February to 1 March 2008, the exhibition will be the sixth time «AUTOTEC. Car equipment and accessories. Materials and tools », which is traditionally a full range of products for the market avtotehobsluzhivaniya.

Exhibition AUTOTEC is an official event of the Moscow Government. AUTOTEC is officially supported by the Association of European Businesses (AEB), Automobile Association of Russia (SAR), the National Association of Manufacturers of automotive components (NAPAK), the Association Russian distributors and manufacturers Car equipment (ARDIS), the Moscow Association of technical service and repair of vehicles (MAPTO).

Main sections:

- Equipment, tools and materials for body repair
- Equipment and tools for repair of units and sets the car
- Diagnostic and test equipment
-- Tire Service Equipment and car
- Paintwork equipment, tools and materials
- Paints, varnishes, special coatings
- Car, oils and greases
- Automotive, nodes and aggregates
- Auto Parts & Accessories
- Automobile Tuning
- Tires and disks

main features of the exhibition:
exhibition business format. Visitors - only professionals. This format allows participants to communicate with partners and customers in a calm working atmosphere, which substantially increases the effect of participation and visiting the exhibition.

Goals and Objectives:
Five years ago, during the flowering and growth of noisy image exhibition in Moscow, it became clear that besides the image, and entertaining challenges to the exhibitors and visitors by road exhibitions are also a commercial problem.
To address these challenges needed to organize a specialized, commercially oriented exhibition.

Event "business-to-business", the visitors - only specialists;
Professional related events (seminars, conferences);
commercially reasonable fees for participation. Today
exhibition has established itself as a major professional event.
Feedback from the participants, it is this form of the exhibition makes it possible to obtain maximum commercial effect of participation, establish new business contacts.

Next challenge was bringing together the exhibition with a similar theme, and a single visitors' audience and creating the basis for the establishment of a major specialized event.
«At the same time and in one place» - this is good for everyone. Exhibitors and visitors are much preferable to spend time and money to participate in a business exhibition than a few highly specialized, but the disparate activities.
First step successfully taken. Significant event of 2007 was the consolidation of three previously separate exhibitions. This year, on the basis of AUTOTEC was "International Automotive Exhibition", organized by the joint efforts of three leading exhibition operators.

As part of the "International Automechanical Salon - 2007" were:

V International Specialized Exhibition AUTOTEC. Organizer - International Exhibition Agency «IFA LLC»;

IV International Specialized Exhibition ATiM (Automotive Technology , car accessories, car wash, gas station and materials). Organizer - «Avtoselhozmash Holding»;

International Exhibition INTERAVTOMEHANIKA 2007. Organizer - «Crocus Expo».

International Automotive Salon - 2007 showed that the next step on the path of centralization and unification okoloavtomobilnyh a professional exhibition. It is now evident that both parties, and visitors of the exhibition is united in one - the market requires a professional event, which will be exclusively invited specialists. The correct format and joint activities with their already held, the visitors' audience, allowing the most efficient use of all the possibilities of such a powerful marketing tool, as the exhibition.

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