From 27 February to 1 March 2008 in the International Exhibition Center «Crocus Expo» the second international Automechanical Salon.

The Second International Automotive Salon was the official support of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Association of automakers in Russia, the Association of European Businesses, National Association of Manufacturers of automobile components, Russian Road Transport Union, the Moscow Association of technical service.

International Automotive Salon - this is a unique project, bringing together three leading exhibition operator in Russia exhibition automotive topics. As part of the cabin were three specialized exhibitions: «AUTOTEC» (organizer - International Exhibition Agency «IFA LLC»), «Interavtomehanika» (organizer - the IEC «Crocus Expo»), «ATiM/Car technology, car accessories, car» (organizer - company «ASM-Holding»).

The main purpose of the International Automechanical salon is the establishment of direct contacts between domestic and foreign manufacturers and customers throughout the life cycle of the car, starting with design and engineering solutions, design, component production base, assembly, operation, maintenance and ending with disposal.

Automotive shop in «Crocus Expo» has become a landmark event for the domestic automotive community. For the second time he was able to confirm as a justification for the strategic decision to hold three trade shows in one place at one time, and the correctness of their construction. This is eloquently figures: more than 180 Russian companies and 20 foreign companies participated in the Second International Automechanical cabin.

A distinctive feature of the project - its narrow specialization and size «b-to-b» ( «only for professionals»). The salon has provided professionals, engineers, businessmen the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest auto models, with new services in the area of maintenance and repair of road transport and to establish business contacts. International Automotive Salon of 2008 was visited by 12 500 specialists automotive industry.

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