May 26, 2008. between rossiyskiymi exhibition of "Ai EFs Hey" and "Euroexpo" reached an agreement to merge.

May 26, 2008. between the Russian exhibition companies Ltd. IE EFs Hey " and Ltd. "Euroexpo" reached an agreement to merge.

joint office would located at: ul. Arbat 35, beginning on 1 July 2008.

Members of the association are Mr. Levitte SM Mr. Anisimov KV Chairman of the Board - Mr. Sadko SM

unique format of cooperation, which fully satisfied the interests of owners and managers of companies, lets not stop there, but an opportunity to further accession of stakeholders.

This fact is of unprecedented importance for the development of a professional Russian exhibition market, because it is the first joint efforts of voluntary private businesses on a parity basis, and offers great opportunities for long-term dialogue with the responsible representatives of the international exhibition community.

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